Tibiaan Education Company

Tibiaan Education is a joint stock investment company, with limited liability, headquartered in Cairo, working with local, residency and international expertise, and our belief behind education and its role in building and advancing society.

Company  Quality education is the creation of a generation capable of keeping pace with the development in quality education, high quality education that matches global education and underestimates our culture.

Our message

Tibiaan Education seeks to provide efficient and effective educational services to the beneficiaries of the educational process, using the optimal investment of available resources and community partnership, in order to achieve sustainable development.

Our vision

To become your most trusted partner in the management, operation, development and establishment of schools, and to be a specialized reference in the dissemination of knowledge and the provision of integrated world-class educational services.

Our services

  • School Acquisition (Purchase – Founding – Partnership)
  • School development, management and operation services and educational performance assessment.
  • International Academic Accreditation for Schools.
  • Support for academic accreditation for educational institutions.
  • Preparing and qualifying schools to obtain ISO.
  • Educational training, development and rehabilitation of human resources in schools.
  • Preparing schools for comprehensive evaluation, and preparing performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Qualifying schools for local, regional and international quality awards.
  • Provide administrative, educational and educational consultations for schools.
  • Developing and implementing strategic plans for educational facilities.
  • Preparation of specialized studies and research.

Tibiaan Education work methodology

We at Tibiaan Education Company work with schools to build educational solutions that are compatible with their needs, through a methodology that focuses on capacity building and full participation by its employees, with the aim of achieving the desired impact and sustaining development and improvement processes.

Tibiaan Education has developed a special professional methodology based on its practical experiences, to ensure that its clients obtain the results they wish to reach, and give them confidence to provide sustainable value. The methodology consists of ten perspectives and four stages. As shown in the illustration, we adopt

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