Tibiaan Educational is a specialized investment company, with limited liability, headquartered in Cairo, working with local, regional and international expertise, and our belief in the importance of education and its role in building and advancing society .

Tibiaan Educational Company started to invest in educational sector in order to achieve high-quality education which conforms the international standards and keeps the context of our authentic Arabic language, and striving towards creating a generation capable of keeping pace with global development through good education as a weapon of nations for progress, development, and advancement. 

Tibiaan Education Company believes that its success derives from the success of its clients;It is therefore always keen to build strong partnerships and to establish close relations with them; Applying best educational policies, behaviours, methodologies based on respect and passion, love of work and professional commitment, and to ensure the best results, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that all their needs and requirements are understood and absorbed; To provide them with all the expertise they need to enhance their status, to make their activities and their work work succeed, to humiliate them of all challenges and obstacles, and to move beyond all expectations.

Tibiaan Education Company aims to

invest in the educational sector and to form strategic partnerships aimed at establishing, operating and developing successful schools that provide the community with distinguished and advanced education that keeps pace with global developments and contributes to the upbringing of a generation of competent learners with positive contributions to society.

Tibiaan Educational is

characterized by high professionalism, competencies and global expertise, and to keep pace with developments in the provision of educational services… which makes Tibiaan Education the first destination among the schools of expertise in managing schools in order to meet the different expectations and needs of schools under the slogan “We make the difference.”  

.” We are specialized in schools management, operating, establishment and development , Qualifying schools to obtain ISO, preparing schools for comprehensive evaluation, providing educational consultations, and professional development in order to reach leadership in building a conscious, creative generation