chief executive officer message

Praise be to God, who taught by the pen, taught man what he did not know, and prayers and peace be upon the Noble Prophet, whose prophethood (by read) opened and commanded the fetters of Badr to be loosened by teaching the uneducated..…

With the sunrise every morning, the days refuse to do nothing but give Tibiaan Education a new morning, and a new achievement, with the help of its distinguished staff …In today’s world, it has become evident that education has become one of the most important factors in building modern civilizations and the engines of their economy and the wheel of its growth and sustainability. 

It is the main tools for empowering generations and for arming them with the skills and capabilities that can use their creative energies to serve their societies, meet their requirements and keep pace with the rapid developments of our time. 

We are pleased to welcome you to the Tibiaan Education Company website. You will be able to learn about us and the services we provide.
It also allows you to take a close look at the vision, values and our services that emerged from our firm commitment to support and develop the educational process. This commitment made by /tibiaan The educational process paved the way for moving forward in the path of success, to become one of the best developers and operators of schools and to work for empowered outputs with a national identity that contributes to the renaissance for all segments of society.

Tibiaan Education is an integrated experience house that includes qualified competencies, a variety of experiences, and represents a major reference in providing development solutions in a professional manner for schools. For schools, providing educational solutions, and building the capabilities of existing schools to reach the global level. 

We are always proud of all that we have done and of the successes we have achieved. We seek to continue the process of progress and growth, bearing in mind our distinction and building on a set of pillars based on the sound foundations of administrative and advisory work and best educational practices, with a focus on promoting the sustainable growth of schools.
As such, we make every effort to support and develop human resources in all its categories, which are the basic capital and our full commitment to our clients.
At Tibiaan Education Company, we are distinguished by a core group of talents and creative ideas, and we always work to pay attention to the looming opportunities, and we base this on two main pillars: “Our wonderful employees and our innovative ideas” because the world today judges performance from the reality of