Tibiaan Education Business Field

We find the "idea", we build the "concept", we implement the "Emotion and passion"

At Tibiaan Education, we understand that our success is linked to the success of the services we provide and our fields of work. So, Tibiaan Education offers a wide range of fields for the education sectors.
which we have taken into account when identifying the requirements of our clients by focusing on specialized areas in which we understand the needs of each service to allow us to develop appropriate solutions that maximize the impact of success.


Our services

Tibiaan Education is considered one of the experts in the development, management and operation of schools, and works through a selection of its local and international specialist advisors in this field to actively contribute to schools and their employees in accordance with scientific foundations and quality standards

Among the most important services provided by Tibiaan Education Company are the following:

  • Continuing Schools (purchase – establishment – partnership)
  • School development and management services
  • International Academic Accreditation for Schools.
  • Support to obtain academic credits for educational institutions.
  • Preparing and qualifying schools to obtain ISO.
  • Educational training and human resource rehabilitation in schools.
  • Preparing Schools for Comprehensive Assessment, Quality of KPIs.
  • Rehabilitation of schools for local quality in the vicinity.
  • Providing educational, administrative, and educational consultations for schools.
  • Developing strategic plans for educational facilities.
  • Preparing specialized studies and research.

Advantages of obtaining Tibiaan educational services:

We are distinguished by having:

  •  A distinguished team of employees, experts and consultants:

The preparation, delivery and implementation of educational services provided by Tibiaan Education is a distinguished team of “employees, experts and consultants
all of whom have a variety of experience in all our educational services.They have a history of work with many major authorities and institutions in the Arab world.

  •  Previous professional experience:

Tibiaan Education Company is a house of expertise that works to rebuild capabilities and knowledge and develop individuals and schools to keep pace with changes and meet future challenges in 21st century,and it has a precedent of experience that extends over a period of time.

  •  The lesson of application and results

Tibiaan Education believes that the correct application of the educational services that we implement is the secret of the success of any system development or business development plan. Therefore, our team and experts always accompany our clients during the implementation phase and work with them as if they were internal employees in order to compensate for the lack of experience, time and ability, and that Through the implementation of the supervision programs by the Tibiaan Education Company team on the implementation and application of our educational services within the institutions of our clients.